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Residential Cleaning Checklist

Explore our detailed residential cleaning checklist, meticulously crafted to ensure every area of your home gleams with cleanliness. Whether you're tackling the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, or living spaces, our guide is designed to help you optimize your cleaning routine for maximum efficiency and thoroughness. Discover practical tips and step-by-step instructions that ensure no corner is overlooked, allowing you to maintain a pristine living environment that shines with cleanliness and comfort.

Whole House Living Areas

Dust all items and furniture tops

Vacuum the whole house including baseboards/trim and doors

Wipe baseboards/trim and doors

Empty trashcans throughout the house Dust blinds

Dust light fixtures/fans

Clean interior windows/glass doors

Straighten up rooms

Make all beds/change linens 

Mop floors



Dust light fixtures/fans

Vacuum floors and cabinets

Wipe down outside of cabinets

Clean inside/outside microwave

Clean the outside of all appliances

Wipe and straighten countertops

Mop floors


Vacuum bathroom(s)

Dust light fixtures/fans

Clean shower tile/tub and glass door 

Clean inside and out of the toilet 

Wipe mirror(s)

Wipe cabinet, sink, faucet, vanity countertop

Mop floor

Add-On Services*

Inside Appliances

Organization services

Exterior tilt in windows




Grout Cleaning

Clean Outs

Laundry (folding only)

Carpet Shampooing

*may be added on for an additional fee

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