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About Mindful Cleaning Co.

Our story begins in Colombia in the 1950s. Big families were the norm. Lucy and Mary Ramirez were two of eight children in their family of farmers and service workers. When their mother died when they were very young, the children had to learn how to be self-sufficient. Life may have been tough, but they all had each other.

By the early 1990s, Lucy was in California raising her daughter, while Mary was living in New Jersey. In 1995, Lucy decided to move to New Jersey to be closer to family. The two of them began working for a local cleaning company, quickly distinguishing themselves as team leads.

Subsequently, they decided to go off on their own to start “Lucy and Mary’s Professional House Cleaning”. Within a few years, the partnership evolved into a multi-crew business serving residences and businesses throughout South Jersey and Philadelphia. Lucy’s daughter Tammy took over operations in 2013, changing the name to “The Cleaning Ladies”.

During the pandemic, the business had to adapt and evolve. Tammy enlisted her longtime best friend Kellie, and together they promised to deliver quality services with exceptional customer satisfaction. While building upon an already well-established business, Tammy and Kellie decided it was time to rebrand and give new life to their company. Together they changed the name to Mindful Cleaning Co.The new name reflects the focus and intentions of their vision. The team at Mindful Cleaning Co. remains to be a women-run and family-focused company, providing you with high standards, small-town values, and a work ethic that Lucy and her sister ingrained almost 25 years ago. We strive to continue to be the leader of residential & commercial cleaning services in the South Jersey area.

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